Friendly hunting

Beauty will save the world

With our poetic vision FOR PEOPLE WITH POSITIVE ATTITUDE, we consistently combine our actions with a sustainable attitude and social commitment.
All our products go from the extraction of the cashmere wool to its completion by knowing hands. We find this respectful approach to craftsmanship deeply satisfying. We can see how the personal and human manufacturing process is reflected in the garment. As daily companions, our scarves and shawls radiate protection, warmth and beauty to the ones wearing them.
Energy, knowledge and experience are in the hands. In the case of friendly hunting, the work of the hands is of particular importance, because all our products come from the manufactory. Every item, be it a carpet, a jumper, a stole, a teacup or a perfume - every item is handmade or has been filled by hand.
International inspirations from the fashion metropolises, innovative production techniques, personal thoughts and references go hand in hand with Nepalese traditions and the finest craftsmanship. hand in hand.